Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Personal Classes! (this week only)

This post is for anyone who saw my add in the "Women's Savings Guide", or for anyone who has not been to a class, or couldn't make it to one. This week only I will be doing personal mini classes over the phone to help you get started! I will email you a class outline, we'll go over the basics of couponing, get onto the grocerysmarts website together and plan a shopping trip. Then if your ready, I will set you up with newspapers! Email me quick so I can schedule a time to give you a call! Don't put it off any longer, start saving today!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Spectrum Promotion!!!

If you haven't called me to sign up for the Spectrum, NOW is the time!!! We are giving away a $10.00 gas card (to a gas station of your choice) for everyone who signs up for a new order to the Spectrum! Plus! Here's the kicker...they have lowered their prices! So have your friends and family Call me ASAP because this promotion won't last long, so get it while it's HOT!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Click HERE to view Albertsons sale list starting tomorrow. Looks like a Campbells and Nabisco sale!
Click HERE to view Smiths sale for their upcoming sale. For the 2nd week in a row, I think Smiths is the winner! They're continuing the case lot sale plus Nestle/Kraft promo. My favorite buy is the Tillamook 5lb bag of shredded cheese for 7.99. This is high quality cheese and the 2lb bag is normally 7.99. Also make sure to stock up on the Betty Crocker fruit snacks at .60 cents each!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Christmas in September!

I thought I'd died and gone to heaven when I opened my newspapers last night! Wow! So many coupon inserts, it was Christmas for us avid coupon shoppers! hundreds of dollars in potential savings! Just for all you who don't know, the reason we got 2 Smart Sources and 2 Red Plums was a make-up Sunday. Since we don't get coupons on holiday weekends, they usually give us 2 of each either the Sunday before or the Sunday after the holiday.
Now, again on the Red Plums. Currently they are only in the Daily Herald in Utah County and the Spectrum here in sunny St. George. Read my post HERE for more info on it. I was just getting 2 Red Plums a few weeks ago, but I currently bumped up my subscription to 2 more for a total of 4 Spectrum papers. When you already get 1 paper everyday, the Sunday additions are only $0.40 more each paper! Killer price! Call me if you want to add more or start a Spectrum subscription.
I hope you all saw the manufactured insert that says "Better at Home" in your papers! This is why I go through my 1st paper really thouroughly so I don't miss any of these bad boys!

I also go through the "Parade" magazine that's in the Salt Lake papers, or the "USA Weekend" in the Spectrum. Usually there is always a coupon or 2 and if I want that product i'll quickly cut them out just in case. On Grocerysmarts website they will list "Parade mag" and then the date in the coupon location site. I found this out the hard way one time, so since then I always look through them. Then I set them on top of my Smart Source when their in the page protector sheets so I can see them right away. If you need more papers or just want to get started, I can definitely hook you up! For those of you who don't know, this is how we fund the awesome website... grocerysmarts.com. This is why you need to go through us for your subscription to the newspapers! So call or email me today for any upgrades to your paper or a new subscription!
Jodi Gardner

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Costco price list

This is awesome! The ladies over at Pinching your pennies have made up a price list for Costco frequently bought items. This list is great to have on hand when your scanning the Grocerysmarts lists for comparison. So click HERE to view the Costco list and bookmark that page for quick referencing when your preparing your shopping lists. They will update it every so often.
Happy Shopping!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Albertsons and Smiths Previews!

Click HERE to preview Albertsons sale starting tomorrow! If your a Kashi lover, prepare to stock up!

This week, everyone should be a Smiths shopper, cause this coming week is their CASE LOT SALE!!! I see loads of 5* items, so I hope you are prepared to stock up your food pantry's cause it looks like its gonna be a hot one!!! Click HERE for all the deals!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Harmons Case Lot Sale?

(I know this logo says "cooking classes", but it's the only one i could find to copy!)

For those of you who don't already know, Harmons is having their semi-annual case lot sale this week. This sale is an excellent way to stock up on food storage items, or replenish the items you already have. Below I've listed the items that I thought were a great deal and worth it to stock up on even though most of them are 4 star items. A lot of the items you can buy this week are staple items that we don't see too often on our week to week sales.
tuna .55
corn .50
grn.beans .50
tomato sauce .20
tomato paste .39
canned tomatos .59
applesauce .69
flour 25lb 7.99
sugar 25 lb 10.99
brn.sugar 2lb 1.33
Spagettios .59
Campbells Soups .69
Morton salt 26oz .50
Quaker Granola bars 1.00box
Miller honey 24oz. 4.50
Morning Moos products varies (these are great items for food storage!)
Remember this is a CASE LOT Sale, so all these items will be sold by the case.
These are just a few items that caught MY attention, Click HERE to view Harmons sale this week and check it out for yourself!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Last day Albies trip!

Yes, I am a procrastinator by nature, hence, most of the time I am shopping on the last day of the sales. Fortunately I found most of my items in stock! I usually never leave a store with any Catalinas, but today I had to use my last weeks $10.00 Catalina coupon. So I broke my trip into 2 transactions. The first one was all the kelloggs sale items (buy $25 get $10 OYNSO). Then my second trasaction was everything else, and I used all my catalina offers on that order. The reason I do this is because these Catalina coupons have expiration dates on them. If you don't remember to use them or lose them somehow you are out of luck! Anyway, they were out of mustard, frosted mini-wheats, and the good flavors on fruit bars, but i did get to use 6 double coupons (3 with each transaction) and they didn't even mind. Now that will vary from cashier to cashier. Some are more sticklers than others. I personally have my favorites, and when I go I always try to spot them out. So with all that said, here is my breakdown...
Total Value of purchase $91.90
Total Saved $68.78
Total Spent $23.12
Total Percentage Saved 74%
BAMM!!! Right on the MONEY!!!
Have I told you I love GrocerySmarts!
If you want to learn to shop like this, call or email me today!