Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Last Day Albies trip

I hate to waste my Albies doubler coupons so I dashed today over to Albies to stock up on the sale items this week. I cheated and had my son go with me to use another set of doublers, but all in all I think I did pretty good. Here is my breakdown...
Total value of purchase $109.15
Total Savings $64.76
Total Spent $42.08
Total Percentage Saved 59%
I think of it as a successful trip when my percentage saved is between 50-70%. So today I did good!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving price comparisons

Thanks to Pinching your Pennies, go HERE to view a complete price comparison on all our Thanksgiving meal items. They have done all the work for you! That is awesome!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another all-in-one trip to Wal-Mart

Usually I'm not particularly fond of Wal-Mart. I mean, who really is? We are merely victims of their monopoly. But sometimes, like these last few weeks, I find a bunch of stuff I need at all my local stores. I can't run all over town to patronize every one of them. I am much too busy for that. Plus Wal-Mart for me is closer than any other store! Thus, I am happy to do all my shopping in one store for the entire week! Here are my steals for this week...(click on picture to enlarge)
Sunkist, A&W,and 7-Up $0.27
Nabisco Ritz and Wheat Thins $0.67
Orowheat bread $0.95
Reynolds turkey bags $1.00
10 lbs Potatoes $0.88
Campbells crm of mush & Chick soup $0.24
Mentos Gum $0.45 (great stocking stuffers)
Birds Eye steamer veges $0.87
Nestle Choc. chips $1.28
Jimmy Dean Sausage $2.00
Meadow Gold whipping cream $0.59
Hasbro Card games $5.24 (coupon for BOGO in Sundays newspapers! Great family X-mas gifts!)

Today I spend a total of $82.52 on everything you see here! Of course Wal-Mart doesn't calculate how much you saved, but just calculating all my coupons up alone I saved $36.14!! And that's not including all the sales I price-matched all over town!!!
I love my part time job (I save my family enough money each week, that's what I consider it)!

If you want to learn the ropes to saving literally hundreds each month on your grocery bill, call me to set up a free class to learn how!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Price matching at Wal-Mart!

Sorry for the hiatus I've taken with my blog. I've been too busy to post lately but I will probably be only posting from now on about once a week. But here is my successful trip today to Wal-Mart. Before you go you need to arm yourself with all the Ad's from any stores you will be price-matching (see pic below). From experience, most of the time they will ask to see the actual ad, so don't leave home without it. I also printed my All-in-one list from the grocerysmarts website. This will let you print off one list for all or any of the stores. Then you won't have to print a seperate Smiths, Albertsons, Lins, Walgreens, etc. Very convenient! Then I clip and print all the coupons I will need for my trip!

Today, I got everything you see in the above picture for a total of ... $56.03. Of course Wal-Mart doesn't tell you how much you saved like Smiths and Albertsons does, but I know I totally scored! Here are some of my great deals...

2 lbs of Cache Valley cheese $3.99
Ragu pasta sauce $0.38
Chex cereal (stocked for the holiday's) $1.00
Cottage cheese/sour cream $0.88
Banana's $0.39 lb
Orrowheat bread $0.95
Yoplait yogurt $0.31

One of the best parts about it...I stocked up! Remember, don't just buy one or two when your getting a killer deal. Stock up at those prices!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Just a little tip from a fellow smart shopper. Wal-Mart is selling Jennie-O Turkeys for $0.40 per pound. Limit 2