Monday, August 31, 2009


Click HERE to preview Albies sale this coming Wednesday! Don't forget to use your 3 double coupons (found only in the Spectrum) for Albertsons today or tomorrow. Click HERE for ideas on Albertsons doublers.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Get Your Papers & Earn FREE Groceries!

Some people ask me, "Why does anyone want multiple Sunday Newspapers?" Let me tell you why...Multiple papers means multiple savings!!! If you get 1 Sunday paper and go to use your $1.00 off coupon, then you will save $1.00. If you have 6 newspapers like I do, then you will use all 6 of your $1.00 coupons and stock pile your pantry and you will save 6 times more than someone just getting one paper! Combining our coupons with (which tells us what items are on sale that week) you can easily cut your current grocery bill in half! (These discounted Sunday only Newspapers are as low as $0.88 per copy)
It's so easy!!!
Plus, if you order papers from me at one of my classes you can earn free groceries (a gift card to Albertsons or Wal-Mart) depending on how many papers you get.
*$12 gift card for ordering 2 papers
*$18 gift card for ordering 3 papers
*$24 gift card for ordering 4 papers
You can also call me to order over the phone and the above gift cards will apply if you mention this post!
Earn an extra giftcard for booking a free class to learn more on how to organize your coupons and understand our FREE website!

Call or email me today to get started

Friday, August 21, 2009

This weeks Albies trip!

Another week of happy shopping! I know what your thinking...20 boxes of fruit snacks? But between 4 healthy eating kids, and all their football/baseball games coming up, I know i'll probably be through all these in a month, maybe two! And the Reese's puffs are my kids favorite and I was definitely needing a stock up! Anyway, here is my breakdown for this week!
Total value of purchase $178.65
Total Saved $110.39
Total Spent $ 68.26
Total percentage saved 61%

After my Albies trip I stopped by Costco to get some perishables and decided to price match some items on sale at Albies compared to what they are at Costco. So here is a little research for those interested...

Kirkland fruit snacks $9.89 for 50 count = $0.19 ea.
Betty Crocker fruit shapes $1.30 for 10 count = $0.13ea *WINNER*

Kirkland cups $9.99 for 240 count = $0.04 ea
Hefty cups $0.75 for 30 count = $0.02 ea. *WINNER*

Arm & Hammer (costco)$10.89 for 112 loads = $0.09 per load
Arm & Hammer (albies) $1.99 for 31 loads = $0.06 per load *WINNER*

Kirkland brand Toilet paper $18.99 for 36 rolls = $0.52 per roll
Cottonelle (albies) $3.99 for 12 rolls = $0.33 per roll *WINNER*
(these rolls were very comparable as to thickness and girth)

Anyway, it was very interesting to find out that Albies sale items with a manufactured coupon beat Costco in all 4 items that I compared! If you have price matched Costco or Walmart to a sale item this week, post your results so we can all see the difference!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A quick Walgreens trip

Walgreens for me is usually a hit and miss store. When I'm really excited about one weeks sale I get there and they're all out of my items. Since it is not really close to me I only get there about once a month or so. But if you regularly check out the Walgreens list on (I like to browse their ad in the Sunday paper too), you will find great deals on their non-food items. Combining mfg. coupons with their store "Register Rewards" program you can sometimes get killer deals!!! This week I was super excited cause i've been waiting for the whitening strips to come on sale. When you buy Listerine whitening strips and a whitening pen on the go for $25.00 combined, you get $10.00 Register Reward on your next visit. I also had a $3.00 on each of these. So for both teeth whitening kits I paid $9.00. Softsoap body Wash was $3.99 with a register reward of $4.00! So these were FREE! We love Free! I paid $0.39 for chapstick, and the Loreal HIP eyeshadow powder (which I absolutely love!) was 11.99 each but on sale for BOGO. I also had $2.00 off each one mgf. coupon. So for both items together I paid $7.99. I always seperate my transactions so I can roll my register rewards over and use them right away. I don't like to take them home cause I usually forget to use them before their expiration date.
But all in all I would have to say I was really pleased with my trip to Walgreens! Here is my total breakdown...

Total value of purchase $ 61.13
Total Saved $ 42.99
Total Spent $ 18.14
Total percentage saved 70% Bingo!!!
Right where I like it

Monday, August 17, 2009

Preview Albertsons upcoming sale

Check out Albertsons upcoming sale starting this Wednesday Aug. 19th. It looks like a hot one! Just FYI, This weeks sale doesn't have any of the Kraft items on sale, so take advantage of all those doublers and buy your $25.00 in FREE groceries tomorrow (Tuesday). You'll be able to get much more for your dollar!!!

Click HERE for the preview list!!!

Albertsons Doublers

Did everyone get 3 double coupons for Albertsons in your Sunday Papers? Click onto PYP HERE to get some great ideas on how to use them! I think I'm gonna use my doublers on the Lysol Disinfecting wipes since I'm low. End price is $0.50 each! Can't beat that! How will you use your doublers?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Savings this week

Here is a picture of my shopping trip today at Albertsons. I was so excited to get my $25.00 of free groceries brought to you by Kraft (See post HERE for more info). My Kraft items were Capri Suns, Philadelphia cream cheese, Kraft cheese singles, and Easy Mac cups. Cereal was unfortunate for me. I thought you could buy 4 of any Post cereal and you'd get the $4.00 off. My cashier informed me it was only the Select brand that it worked for. This is why it is so important to be chatty with your cashier. Let her (or him) know what you intend to do and what your looking for at the end of your transaction (i.e.catalinas). They are really helpful!! Anyway, here is my breakdown for today...
Total value $111.88
Total saved $ 69.43
Total Spent $ 42.45
Total percentage saved 62%
but this is not all. After my $20.00 mir (mail in rebate) my percentage will be 80% !!!! make sure you grab your rebate form from the catalina machine after you pay. Ask your cashier to make sure!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Let's see your FREE Kraft groceries!

I would love to see pictures of your $25.00 of FREE groceries from Albies during the Kraft promo. I'm heading to Albies hopefully tomorrow to bask in all my free stuff! So everyone, please email me pictures of your treasures from the Kraft free promo. Remember, this promo goes on until 8/23. So we might see a load of more Kraft stuff on next weeks sale too!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Save on Restaurants!!

We all love to save money at the Grocery Stores, right? If any of ya'll are like me, I also love to eat out at restaurants. I try not to very often, but sometimes my days are so busy and hectic that I have to give myself a break and take the family out to eat!!! Next time you have one of those days, check out the alphabetical coupon index for Restaurant coupons stashed inside your coupon inserts. There's always a great deal of money to save, and you will keep your sanity! below are a few of my favorites I will try to take advantage of before they expire!

Olive Garden $4/2
Quiznos $2/1
Baskin Robbins BOGO
Carls Jr. Free fries and Drink with sand
Chuck E Cheese (tons)
Red Lobster $4/2
Sweet tomatos BOGO

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Guest Post by Misty!

This Shopping trip is brought to you by one of my great Hostesses, Misty Eliason. She had a great trip to Albertsons this week and wanted to share! Here is Her story for all of us to enjoy...

Hi Jodi, I know you are gone and enjoying Lake Powell this week, but I couldn’t resist sending my picture with the loaded goods I got from Albies this week. I was also able to figure out my total % saved this time and was really excited about that.
Anyway the breakdown:

Total Value of Purchases: $258.13
Total Saved: $192.25
Total out of Pocket: $65.88
Total % of Savings: 74%

That is huge in my book, not to mention the amount of stuff I was able to stockpile. Who wouldn’t be happy when you come home with 16 boxes of cereal, and you paid less than $1.00 a box. That’s savings!

Thanks so much!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Smiths Double Coupons!

From Sunday through Tuesday, August 2-4th, Smiths is doubling all coupons up to $2.00!!! From what I understand there is no limit of how many coupons you can use. This is an excellent way to save some serious money!!! See PYP for more info. Just thought I'd post this before I cruised out of town. Unfortunately I won't be able to participate in the fun, so please email me some awesome trips to Smiths so we can post them!!!

Coupons Galore!!!

Wow! I opened up my papers today and couldn't believe all the inserts!!! Hundreds of dollars of potential savings, I LOVE IT!!! Wow getting 2 Smart Sources definitely softened the blow of our lack of Red Plum inserts. Now I didn't quite know what to expect with the Red Plums today. Many of you know that I get 4 Salt Lake papers and 2 of the local Spectrum papers. It looks like the Red Plums have quit coming in the Salt Lake papers. But I found 2 in my Spectrums. I don't exactly know if this will continue or not but from what I am hearing the Spectrum will discontinue also, I just don't know when. I will definitely post more as soon as I know. I also pulled out my "Twice the Value" coupons for Albies! This spread above is $$$$ in my pocket!

Those of you who didn't receive any Red Plums, watch Tuesdays or Wednesdays for it to come in your mail. It won't be mailed to everyone, but hopefully you'll be in one of the targeted mailing zones

FYI - I will be in Lake Powell for one week, so I will resume my posts when I get back! Happy Shopping!!!