Thursday, April 30, 2009

Movie Ticket Promo still going on!

I LOVE when we get free movie tickets for buying groceries! When they did this promotion last year I got 12 free movie tickets. My husband and I had free dates for months! I picked up 2 movie tickets in the last sale but to my surprise the promotion is still going on until May 6th! So ladies, let's do ourselves a favor and stock up on dates!!! Every 10 Kellogg items you buy you'll get 2 movie tickets. So even when these items are only 3 star items you gotta realize that your getting $24.00 worth of movie tickets with them. The following are the items you can mix and match with their star value this week.
*****Kelloggs cereal (from what I understand it's any cereal)
**** Kelloggs poptarts
*****Kelloggs cereal bars (rice krispie treats too)
the items below are not on sale this week but if you need to get a few more items to add to 10 you can use these also!
*** Kelloggs fruit flavored snacks
*** Keebler cookies
*** Keebler crackers
*** Sunshine cheez-it crackers
So, getting 6 Sunday papers, I figured this is what i'd do for my movie tickets...
6 boxes of kelloggs cereals - Free
6 boxes rice krispy treats - $ 9.00
4 boxes of Raisin Bran (printable coupons) - $2.46
4 boxes of Pop Tarts - $3.96
Total $15.42
4 free movies tickets worth up to $48.00!!!
That is not a bad deal!!! I know it's quite a bit of junk food, but let's get real ladies, summer is just around the corner and it's nice to have treats in the cupboards for all kinds of events like baseball treats, neighbor kids telling you they're hungry, and day trips out and about. Make sure you seperate your transacations and we'll see you at the movies!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

31 Cents Ice Cream tonight!

Tonight is 31 cent scoop night from 5pm-10pm at all Baskin Robbins! So after all the baseball games, homework, dinner, and whatever else you do, bring your family on down to your local store for a yummy cheap treat! For $1.86 I can get 6 ice cream cones for my entire family! Go HERE for more info.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

CVS and VON's!!

Hey Las Vegas Gals!! Introducing the newest stores on your list...CVS and Vons!!! We have been working very hard to get these store lists up and going. A quick 411, Vons store ads run the same time as Smiths and Albertson from Wed to Tues. CVS runs the same as Walgreens, from Sunday to Saturday. If your just starting to shop at CVS, my advice is to start small. It can be complicated, but will save you tons! If any of you have friends or family in Nevada, give them the Nevada passport... g89cjg to get in! I am more than happy to go to Nevada for a class if you know anyone who is interested, pass it along!
Happy Shopping!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Albertsons sale April 29th-May 5th

Check out this LINK to preview this Wednesday's sale. Looks like some good buys but a little bit of a breather week for me! Happy Shopping!

My Albertsons trip this week!

I am a procrastinator by nature, so I was really worried this morning heading to Albertsons thinking they were gonna be out of everything I wanted. But to my surprise I found about 90% of my items in stock!!! My store is really trying hard to stock up for these sales because of all our complaining, Good job ladies! So I saved a bundle today, as you can see I stocked up quite a bit cause it's been at least 2 weeks since i've been to the store. Here are copies of my receipts, hopefully you can see them!
Total value of purchase $251.89
Total Saved! $170.19
Total Spent $81.70
Percentage Saved 67%
That was a great shopping trip! My favorite buy this week would have to be Fiber One granola bars (My family loves these!) 0.15 cents and some were $1. Also Go Lean Crunch 2 pack for $3.49 plus free Soy milk peelie attached for $3.79, (Free Milk). But what I love the most is my 2 free movie tickets valued at $24.00 on top of all this savings! Wow what a steal! Isn't shopping fun!!!
Stay tuned for the new list for this week coming soon!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Savings Cards

I'm gonna give you a few great reasons to use your Albertsons Preferred card and your Smiths Fresh Values card. First, every $50.00 you spend at Albertsons you get $0.05 cents off per gallon of gas. I didn't know too much about the gas rewards cause us here in St. George just recently got a pump in Santa Clara so when I was in the neighborhood last week my gas light came on in my van. I thought I'd try Albertsons gas and use my preferred card to see what kind of a reward I could get. Would you believe I had accumulated enough savings on my card that I received $1.35 off per gallon!!! I paid $0.73 cents a gallon! My entire van cost $12.09 to fill up! That was a savings of $22.14! I don't shop at Smiths all that often but I'm aware they have a very similar rewards program. Check out my receipt below, sorry it's kinda fuzzy.
Another reward I receive from Albertsons and Smiths are the coupons in the mail. Just recently I got a booklet full of $5.00 off your next purchase of $30.00. There were 4 of these coupons plus 2 double coupons. Total value of $22.00. I get these every few months or so. They are awesome!!!

So if these 2 example aren't reason enough, check out the community Partners link HERE! When you enter your schools number (ask your school for this number),and link it to your preferred card, they give our schools a portion of what we spend at their stores! It's so easy! Plus check out the UPromise link for additional college savings for your kids! Last bit of advice. Check to make sure your address and info are correct on your savings cards you use. Especially if you've moved recently, update your info with Customer service or online HERE.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tips for the sale this week!

Just wondering if anyones been to Albertsons yet? I would love to hear how the stores are stocked up and your success. This will help all of us! Just FYI, on the ConAgra Promo where you get $10 OYNSO when you spend $25. Make sure you seperate your transactions when you do more than one. On the Kraft promo you do not need to seperate your $10. You will get $4 for every $10 you spend. On the Kellogg's movie ticket promo you also need to seperate your transactions. For every 10 items you will only get 2 movie tickets per transaction. I hope lots of you will leave comments with your experiences from this week, good or bad. Let's hope they're all good ones!!! For more info about the Albertsons sale, click HERE and read all the threads in the Pinching Your Pennies forum to hear lots more info!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Albertsons sale April 22-28

Here is the preview list to Albertsons sale tomorrow. It looks like a pretty decent sale, so the break is over, let's get ready to save again!!!
Click HERE for preview list!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Walgreens Deals this week!

As much as I love Grocery Smarts, They don't do a great list for Walgreens. There is a little more work you have to do on your own to really save at this store! But it's worth it! Over the last year, I have saved hundreds of dollars shopping at Walgreens! Learn more about shopping at Walgreens in my advanced class. Click HERE to find out how to get an invitation! I have linked to a website where they have included scenarios for the Walgreens sale this week. There's some great deals! Leave a comment if you have questions and I will be happy to answer them! HappyShopping!
Click for the Walgreens Sale!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Raincheck Success!

I love to hear about your shopping trips so keep them coming! I wanted to post Michelle's story because sometimes we shy away from getting rainchecks when an items out. But we shouldn't after we hear this...

"The Trail Mix Crunch was on sale the week before last and I had 6 $2 off coupons and 1 $1 off coupon but they ran out and so I got a raincheck for 10 boxes. When I went in to the Albertsons on Bluff this morning they had some Trail Mix Crunch so I bought 10 boxes. My raincheck was made out for $1.57/box plus this week it's buy two boxes get a 64oz carton of Silk Soy Milk FREE ($3.99 max value). So I got 10 Boxes of Cereal- Raincheck Price = $1.57/box, 5 Cartons SoyMilk- Sale Price= $3.49. The Soy Milk $3.99 max value came off at the end plus my $13.00 in coupons making my grand total a whopping .60 cents!!!!! Plus it printed off a $5.00 (ONST-on your next shopping trip) coupon!!!!!****The register only took off 3 soy milks but the manager told the cashier to take off the other 2.**** There's not a limit on FREE MIlk in the ad.FUNNNNNN STUFF!!!!!! Thank you,Michelle"

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tip of the day!

If you don't already know, Grocery Smarts website has a wonderful tool. It's called the Alphabetical coupon index. It's located on the home page, at the top. When you click on it, it will display all the coupons that you have in your possession (or soon will have if you've just started), and their locations. Of course we don't want to use coupons unless the item is on sale, but realistically we don't always have that luxury. So if your child is coughing like crazy and you have to go get him some cough syrup, check the coupon index to see if you have a coupon for it! Also, when I shop at Target or K-Mart, or other stores that are not listed on Grocery Smarts I'll match their adds myself with the alphabetical coupon index. I've saved a lot of money with this awesome tool! Try it out!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another shopping trip well done!

I love to show your trips and your success. Please email me pictures and your savings and I'll post it here for everyone to admire! Here's Kim Kershaw's trip and her savings.

$ 132.12 Total Value of Purchase
$ 85.62 Total Saved
$ 46.50 Total Spent
64% Total Savings Percentage!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Preview Albertsons sale for tomorrow 3/15

Click HERE to preview Albertsons sale tomorrow.  I find that it's not as good as this week, but it's nice to take a breather between good sales!
Just FYI, tomorrow 3/15 is the last day you can get the Albies gift card deal.  Buy a $300 gift card and they add $30 to it!  That's an extra 10% savings!!! 

Monday, April 13, 2009

Target shopping

Did you know that you can shop at Target the same way you can at our Grocery Smarts stores? I went to Target to buy Easter stuff and saved a bunch! I wanted to buy a Leapster for my daughters birthday next month and took advantage of their sale and my coupon. Target posted a sale on Leapsters for $34. When I got there it was actually $29. With my $10 off manufacturers coupon I bought it for $19!!! What a steal! I had lots of coupons for leapster games (which is the item next to leapster with a glare), DVD's and pretty much everything you see here. To find out more on how to shop at Target and other stores and many more ways to save, hostess a Grocery Smarts class with at least 12 or more Moms, and you and a friend will be invited to one of my Advanced Coupon Classes! Learn more HERE about them.

Here is my breakdown for my target trip...

$199.10 - Total Value
$109.23 - Total saved
$ 89.87 - Total spent
54% overall savings!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

No Coupon Inserts this Sunday

Don't be alarmed when you don't get any coupons in this Sunday's paper. Because of the Easter Holiday they won't be there. They usually make up for it the week before or the week after. In our case it was last Sunday when we got 5 different inserts! This will happen on National Holidays. Check the insert schedule HERE for what coupons come each Sunday.


Friday, April 10, 2009

More savings proof!

My friend Alana sent me a pic of her receipt yesterday. She went into do a quick buy taking advantage of the $25 transaction with $10 of free meat. It was so easy for her to take advantage of a quick save! She spent $15.85 and saved $44.55! This is a 74% savings! Send me your receipts so we can all admire what you saved!

Remember, buy a ham or turkey and $40.00 of Unilver items, you can get a rebate of $20.00. This is an extra 50% off those items. The Unilever rebates go throughout the whole month of April. Before May 7th mail in your rebate form with all your receipts highlighting your Unilver items and they will mail you back a check. This rebate is in your Unilver insert on 4/5. Go HERE for more info about the rebate. It is worth the little bit of effort! What are the Unilever items? On your Grocerysmarts list look for the U in the coupon location box. Add up the sale prices to calculate your $40.00!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Let's organize our pantry's!

So with all this stocking up we've been doing the last few weeks, I thought we could concentrate on organizing our pantry's. I thought I'd show you a picture of my pantry...NOT! I wish mine could look like this! I am a firm believer that if you know where all your food is and constantly keep it rotated, that it will save you money. Haven't we all had to run to the store at the last minute to buy an ingredient for our meal, swearing that we had that item in our pantry? Then two weeks later we find where we stashed it, but it's too late. We already spent time and money on gas and buying the item at regular price! What a sin! I hate it when that happens. So I wanted to share one of my favorite websites for organizing, Below are some links to great learning! They even have downloads for Freezer and Pantry lists. I love the freezer list. Anything I put in my freezer is logged in with a date. I also date the item with a sharpie. Then when I go to take it out I log it out. It is a great way to rotate items, thus saving money. I keep my freezer list right on my outside freezer with pen and sharpie right there. It's easy!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Albies Shopping Trip this week!

Well, this sale was a little bit more difficult than the norm. Having to add items up to $25 then seperate transactions isn't too fun. But, I have found out that the harder the sale is to follow instructions, the more you will save. Today's trip was worth the preparation and sweat! Here is my breakdown for this weeks sale...
Total Value of purchase $378.93
Total amount saved $238.05
Total spent $140.88
Total Percentage saved 62%
Now for the even better news... I get an extra $20.00 mir (mail-in rebate) from unilever! See the instructions at

My favorite buy this week? Has to be my $40.00 of free meat!!! This trip was worth it!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Preview Albertsons sale 4/8-4/14

Click HERE to preview Albertsons Hot sale tomorrow! There is some great deals but make some room in your freezers for all your meats that you'll stock up on! Please leave a comment if you have any questions. I've given heads up to all the Albies managers down here in St. George to stock up for this sale. If you live elsewhere make sure you complain to the Manager of your store when they're out of sale items! Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the oil!

Okay ladies, let's get ready to SAVE!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Savings, Savings, Savings!

This morning I scheduled a few hours to run to Smiths and Albertsons for a few stock up items. I saved a ton! I went to Albertsons last wednesday but they were out of the items shown above. So today I ran by and, Hooray! they were stocked up! Plus, gotta love all the free eggs for Easter! Combining my earlier receipts and todays receipt I scored big time this week at Albies!! Here is my breakdown for my two trips combined...
Total Value of Purchase $190.38
Total Amount Saved $131.05
Total Spent $ 59.33
Percentage Saved 68%

Smiths was good but I got quite a few perishables and items I needed for homemade pizza tonight which never helps my percentage saved. My favorite buy was CHEESE! Grocerysmarts told me that Schreiber shredded cheese 5lb bag was on sale for $7.99. When I got there I couldn't find any so when I asked they told me to substitute 3 bags of 2lb Kroger cheese instead. So I got each bag for $2.66 which means I got an extra pound of cheese for free! Shredded cheese is great to freeze! Also, not pictured is my Case of Kroger Apple juice (forgot to include in my picture). I didn't feel like the case lot sale was too wonderful but for those just starting to stock up, I think its a great way to start! So here's my breakdown...

Total Value of Purchase $106.83
Total Saved $29.79
Total Spent $77.04
Total percentage saved 27%

Yes, even I have low numbers once in awhile! But it doesn't discourage me because it saved me a trip to Wal-mart where is seems I always spend too much!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Coupons Galore!

WOW! Gotta love all the inserts in todays paper! Hundreds of dollars worth of coupons! Wondering why you got 2 Smart Sources? We usually get 2 smart source inserts the week before a holiday weekend because...get ready for coupon inserts on Holiday weekends. So next week being Easter we won't get any. I definitely check just in case, because in times past there has been other inserts. Anyway, enjoy these coupons while we can!!!
Also check out other stores sales this week such as Target, K-mart, Wal-mart, etc. There's some great sales on Easter stuff. Remember to match your own coupons to these stores through the alphabetical coupon index on the home page of!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Want more coupons?

If you want more inserts than you are already getting, and you live in St. George, you can go down to the Spectrum on the Boulevard Monday morning. Whatever extras they have left over from the Sunday before they will sell to you for $0.75. Of course it's first come first serve and you'll want to make sure all the inserts are there! It is definitely worth it to get your own subscription but for those that are waiting for their papers to start, or simple want to get a few more, it might help you out temperarily! Thanks to Harmony for this tip!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Smiths Case Lot Sale!!!

This week Smiths is having their big Case Lot Sale!!! We could all use a little more food storage, right? Make sure you check out the Grocery Smarts website to know if your items are a good deal or not. Usually you can't use coupons with cases because it's just one lump price for the whole case, but I was told that they will pull out individuals for you to use coupons with so for sure bring them all! I would love any feedback (comments) from anyone who has gone to Smiths yet! Let us know of your experiences. We can all learn from each other, right?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

And the Winner is...Susan Folau!!!

Congratulations to Susan!!!
She is our 1st Shopping Competition winner!!!
Susan's trip breaks down like this...
Total Value of Purchase $108.64
Total amt out of pocket $ 47.23
Total Savings $ 61.41
Total Percentage of savings..... 56%
Here is a snapshot of what she bought at Albertsons last week!
Congrats Susan, your $10.00 Gift card is on its way!!!