Monday, March 29, 2010

Refund Rewards

Here's an easy way to earn $20 or even $30! If you buy an Albertsons gift card for $250 they will add an additional $20 onto the gift card totalling $270. If you buy a $300 gift card they will add $30 on totalling $330! So if you have all your grocery money for the month, go put it into a gift card! Hurry cause this offer ends on April 15th!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stock up trip to Albies

I know, I know! I just bought cereal last week. But with all my company I've had lately, I will use this up fast. Plus we all have our favorites and frosted mini-wheats are my husbands. But how can you beat only 0.54 cents a box! As some of you may know, Tide is the only detergent I can use (as per my high maintenance hubby), so when they come out as a ***** 5-star deal, it's stock up time. I compared these little 50 oz. bottles to the Costco 170 oz. bottles. I paid .06 cents an oz. and Costco would've cost me .11 cents an oz. So if I would've bought a 50 oz at .11 cents it would've cost me $5.50. Instead I paid $3.49, so in essence I saved $8.04 just buying the smaller bottles at Albies with a sale and my coupons! That's a no brainer! If you want to compare Costco prices check out PYP HERE for a huge list.
Many of you will not know about the McCormick Catalina right now. I found a great scenerio on Fabulously Frugal which states the following...
Buy 4 at 4.99 BOGO $9.98
use 4 $1/1 from (must use 47265 zip code)
get $2.50 Catalina back
Vanilla extract comes out to .87 cents each!
I think the catalina only works on extracts and food coloring cause I only got $1.50 cat. but I bought spices. If anyone tries it out, let me know if it works.
So my breakdown for the week...
Total value of purchase $120.95
Total saved $77.70
Total Spent $36.75
Total percentage saved 64%
Plus!!! I got 3 coupons for free milk, and $6.50 in catalinas back!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stock up trips for the week - Smiths vs. Albertsons

I had a baseball tourney this past weekend that all three of my boys played in. I also took in my little cousin (his mom was out of town), and my sister and her family. It was so crazy. 21 baseball games in 3 days! Whew! I did survive! This weekend in particular I was feeling very grateful for Grocerysmarts, coupons, and sales past. I had plenty of food to feed everyone, snacks, drinks, and sandwiches for the games too! These tournaments can be very expensive for one not prepared. If I wasn't prepared I would be going to Wal-Mart at the last minute getting snacks, and dashing to fast food joints grabbing burgers between games for my family. That gets sooooo expensive! So I estimated that my family saved over $200.00 just this weekend on food. That is so awesome!
My stock up item for the week at Albies was of course...Cereal. At $0.42 cents per box, they can't be beat! Here is my breakdown...
Total Value of purchase $138.87
Total Saved $83.38
Total Spent $55.49
Total percentage saved 60%
Not bad considering I bought quite a few regular priced items I needed
Who got a hold of the Powerade at Smiths this week? As soon as these crates came into the store, they were gone! While I was there, 10 crates of Powerade came in. The clerk told me it would be gone in 2 hours easily. Buy 8 and get $4.00 off. The limit was 8 boxes. Crazy good deal at $0.25 cents each! This deal goes on for another week too, so just keep checking.
Total value of purchase $145.5
Total saved $112.8
Total Spent $ 32.70
Total percentage saved 77%

Monday, March 22, 2010

Another great Huggies deal

Walgreens is having another 5 star deal at Walgreens this week! So if your little ones wear diapers, go stock up! At these prices, Huggies is cheaper than generic brands by far! Below is a copy of the deal listed at Walgreens.

***** Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers, Pull-Ups or GoodNites 8.99/7.33 Huggies Diapers, any one $3/1 (active) Group A-03/18 Print it twice 4.33
***** Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers, Pull-Ups or GoodNites 8.99/7.33 Huggies Diapers, any $3/1 Here 4.33

Remember you can only print 2 coupons per computer. So to stock up, get to other computers and print, print, print!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Additional Catalina offer at Albies

Pinching your pennies is posting an additional Catalina offer for the Post cereal this week. It's listing like this...

Buy 4 get $3.00 OYNSO
Buy 5 get $4.00 OYNSO

This is awesome for stocking up on cereal. Here is what your possible transactions would be...

Transaction 1:
Cereal $1.59 x6
-$1.00/2 Coupon 2/28 SS or 3/14 SS x3
=$6.54, get back $4.00 Catalina

Transaction 2: (Repeat as many times as you would like!)
Post Cereal $1.59 x6
-$1.00/2 Coupon 2/28 SS or 3/14 SS x3
-$4.00 Catalina
=$2.54 plus get back another $4.00 Catalina

This equals out to be $0.42 per box!!

Remember that this Catalina only prints til 3/21/10, so hurry while they last!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Albies this week!

This weeks sale was fun! Not only were hot pockets free this week, but there was a great deal on the Betty Crocker fruit snacks. There is an extra catalina associated with them that was not on the Grocerysmarts list. I make it a habit to check PYP for little extra savings here and there. Found out that when you buy 5 or more fruit snacks you get $3.50 OYNSO. So with this extra savings figured into the fruit snacks I ended up paying out of pocket $0.17 per box! So for all 12 boxes I only paid $2.04, not bad. And for only $0.20 on the Dannon 4 pack yogurts (many varieties) I really felt like I scored this week!
Above is the Catalinas I left the store with. The $3.50 was for 6 boxes of fruit snacks. I bought 12 boxes but I seperated them in 2 different transactions to take advantage of the deal. Just make sure you check your expiration dates on your catalinas and don't forget to use them before they expire, these are like cash. Usually my objective is to use my catalinas before I leave the store. I do this by separating transactions and using them on different sales or regular priced items your buying.

Here is a breakdown of my savings...

Total value of purchase $132.34
Total Saved $99.82
Total out of pocket $32.52
Total percentage saved 75%
The coolest part about this is that I still have $13.50 in catalinas on top of this!!! If I figure this into my savings my total percentage saved would be 86%!!! Wow! I almost feel guilty for only paying this much! ALMOST!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Over $20.00 in Albertsons Coupons

Click HERE to enter your info for Albertsons to send you a booklet of over $20.00 worth of coupons. I don't know whether it's store coupons or manufactured coupons but we'll see when it gets here in 2-3 weeks. Remember if it's store coupons you can stack them with manufactured coupons to save tons!!!